CouchTuner is offering one of the biggest collections of movies and tv series online for free. With just a few clicks you instantly gain access to our database which contains over 10.000 movies and many more episodes from your favorite tv shows, all of them in HD quality.

Many people are choosing CouchTuner instead of going to a cinema or registering on a paid streaming platform for a very simple reason: it takes less effort and it's free. All you need is a device like a smartphone, a computer or a smart tv and an internet connection and you are ready to watch everything you want. Also, CouchTuner does not require an account because we don't want to make you spend your time useless.

Instead of paying a monthly subscription for a streaming service or going to a cinema and losing time and money, you can simply watch all your favorite movies from the comfort of your home. The advantage of CouchTuner is that it has way more content than any other paid streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+ and many more. For example, if you want to watch a movie produced by Netflix, a tv show from HBO and one from Amazon, you will have to pay 3 monthly subscriptions which doesn't makes sense when you can find all the content you want on CouchTuner without paying a single penny. That's exactly why this website became the most popular in the world, because it took all the movies and tv shows and put them in one place so everybody has access to entertainment for free.

A lot of sites are constantly trying to copy what CouchTuner does, but not all of them succeed because of a few reasons: they don't have enough content, the movies are not high quality or they destroy the user experience with too aggressive advertisement. This is why we are updating our database daily with fresh movies and episodes only in HD quality to make sure you will always find something to watch on our website. Also, we are using as little ads as possible and we strongly recommend you to install AdBlock to get rid of the annoying advertisements.

We don't agree with the pops, but the third-parties that provides the media files are still using this type of ads and we can't do anything about that. If you like our website it would help us a lot if you bookmark it and tell your friends about your experience of watching free movies and tv shows on CouchTuner. Also, you can share the content you enjoyed on the social networks so more people will know about this place.

How To Watch

Finding the content you like. If you already know the name of the movie or tv show you want to watch then just search for it on the searchbox. We probably have all the good content you would want to watch, so if you don't find it please make sure you wrote the name correctly. If you are not decided yet about what you want to watch you can use our numerous filters like: genre, year, popularity, IMDB rating or you can check our special packs that we publish sometimes on the news section.

Watching the content properly. CouchTuner's design and interface are very simple and intuitive so you can figure out that the first step after you found your movie is to click the big play button located in the middle of the page. If any advertisement pops somewhere just close it and click play again. After the first click, the movie's thumbnail disappeared and now you see the player. Repeat the same thing and press play one more time. You need to know that our video players are provided by a third party that uses 5 seconds video-ads. Please be patient a few seconds for the short ad to run and then click ''skip'' located in the right side down. Now the movie will start automatically and you can watch it for free and without interruptions.

Sharing with your friends. In the page of every movie or episode you will find some social networks buttons if you want to share the content you like with your friends from social media so they can enjoy the movies too. Also, you will help us a lot if you bookmark our site and come again to watch your favorite shows here.